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About Us

 To be fashion forward.
To have a look for any occasion.
To be unafraid to stand up, and stand out.
To define trends, and to not be defined by them.
To be LJadore is to be uniquely you.

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To be fashionable is to express yourself to the world. You’re able to make a statement on who you are by making a conscious choice of what you wear. We all have the ability to make choices for ourselves, and I see far too few people who dare to take advantage of that ability.

We have the choice to be healthy
We have the choice to vote.
We have the choice to be individuals.
We have the choice to be kind, loving, and caring.
We have the choice to express ourselves.

My name is Brittany Whelton, and by giving my clients access to handpicked pieces from all over the world, my aim is to inspire women to express themselves in the way they choose. I strongly support independent designers who see fashion as an art form, demonstrating how to use personality and individuality as a wearable canvas. No matter where you are, or why you’re there, remember to always be completely, shamelessly you.

Be bold.
Be sophisticated.
Be independent.
Be LJadore.

A percentage of profits goes towards the work of ending violence against Women.

Founder, Brittany Whelton